Hello everyone!

Welcome back after the summer break. We hope you are well and that you enjoy accessing talks and activities on here over the coming weeks.

This term we are continuing to look at characters from the Bible that we consider to be "heroes."

If you would like to see previous sessions, please click on the link below.

Sarah talks about Peter

Challenge 1

Reflect on Peter's enthusiasm for Jesus.

Who would you do anything for? Would you stand up for them in a tricky situation?

Challenge 2 - "Get out of the boat!"

Walking towards Jesus took huge faith which ultimately Peter had to begin with but then he became frightened.

What do you need to have courage to do today?

Put your faith in Jesus and trust in him.

You might want to write a prayer about it, or create a poster using graffiti art. Make something visual to help you focus on putting your trust in Jesus each day.

Song- Oceans by Hillsong

Song - Who You Say I Am

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