We welcome you to our Service which you might be viewing on Sunday morning or maybe at a different time. Our speaker today is Stephen Taylor who is our full-time worker and one of our leaders.  

If you would like to know about what the church is doing in coming weeks or if you would like to talk to someone, please contact Stephen.  You might prefer to email and this can be done through our website.

Stephen's contact details and a website link can be found at the end of this service plan.  We would love to hear from you.

Our first Song

Let's begin by proclaiming how highly we honour Jesus, the Father's splendour and the Father's joy.

Song: "Jesus is the name we honour"

And now a song that emphasises that Jesus is the Son of God and greater than any other heroes that we might have.  

Perhaps it is a song which you could make up some actions for.

Song: "Jesus is greater (Son of God)"

Bible Reading: Mark 9 v 2-13 Jesus is Transfigured

Our next song

The Father loves His Son so much and yet was willing to send Him into the world to be with us, help us and die for us.  This next song mentions the love that God has for His Son and how much Jesus means to us.

Song: "Thanks be to God for .... the Son whom he loved"


Sermon - Stephen Taylor

Closing song - a prayer

It is all too easy to listen to the messages that come from our society or from within our fallible hearts. It is so much better to listen to the Lord. In this song, we ask Him to speak to us and it reminds us of how his majesty, purity and love can change us & affect others through us.

Song - "Speak O Lord"

Contact number

Stephen Taylor -  07902 946004

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