Welcome to our Service!

Our title today is 'Challenged by Jesus' as we continue our journey through Mark's Gospel. 

Our opening song is a challenge in and of itself: to see the love of God expressed through the suffering of Jesus on the cross - for each one of us

Continue to reflect on the theme of what Jesus did at the cross for each one of us

Let's pray

Father God, we thank you that this time of challenge we can come aside from our lives and spend this time with you. Encourage us, inspire us, and yes...challenge us today through this service.

In Jesus' name,


Chris is leading our prayers this week

Pam is now going to read Mark 8:27-38

Before we hear the sermon this week, let's take in once again what Jesus has done

It's good to have Craig Sweeney-Essex with us this week. Here's his message:

And so we have the challenge. What's our response to love of Jesus expressed at the cross? The message of this song is clear: I will follow. Will you?

And finally...

Thanks to Craig for the sermon, Pam for the reading and Chris for the prayer. If you would like to talk to someone about anything you have read or heard today, or indeed if you'd like to come to the church for the 'live' service, each Sunday at 11.15am, please contact Stephen Taylor on 07902 946004 or through our website -https://goodwoodevangelicalchurch.org.uk/

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