Alexis introduces this weeks hero - David

Ben talking about David as a hero

Alexis talks about David as a hero

When we think we are battling our enemies - God is surrounding us

Challenge - quiet time with God

Is there a time when you have taken revenge, and might have felt justified in doing so? Ask God to forgive you for taking revenge and to show you how you could have handled the situation better.

Is there a time when you should have chosen to respect somebody in a position of authority but didn't because you didn’t agree with them? Ask God to help you respect those in authority over you and to forgive you for responding badly last time.

Is there a time when you have done the right thing rather than be swayed by your friends egging you on? Celebrate that today with God - for he will be celebrating

Cross and the switchblade the movie

Service Plan Created for Free using Church Service Planner. Remove This

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