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Click on the links and videos below to continue our theme of David and Goliath.

Introduction from Tina

Worship Time

Up you jump and join in with praising Jesus!



Made New


Click on the videos and learn more about David.

David's Prayers

Jumping Sheep - I wonder if David's sheep had a trampoline?

David and Goliath - for older children

Slingshot - a new song you might like

Ideas for CHAT and CATCH with God

As a family or when your are alone you could:

Chat to God - tell him who made laugh this week - what you found really hard or didn’t like this week.

Catch for God - ask him who he would like you to make laugh today - how he would like to help you this week.

Craft Activity

God Suit On

Thanks for joining in see you next time for LIGHT

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