Good evening and welcome to you all. We thank you for joining us as we come together as the family of God this evening, albeit in our homes, to worship King Jesus, the living God. You may like to have ready a piece of bread, and a small glass or either wine/juice/or water.

Let’s pray: Loving Father, we ask that as we come together to worship you tonight, to hear your word both read and expounded, that you would go before is in Your Spirits power. That we might be strengthened in our faith. Amen.

Hymn: Make Way, Make Way

God commands that we worship no other god’s. Their thrones, we’ve just sung, must fall.

Let’s come before the Lord this evening, and confess before Him, that at times we are guilty of worshipping other god’s. Perhaps our homes, and possessions. Or an all-consuming hobby.

Father; we confess before you tonight that at times we allow other things to take your rightful place in our lives. Help us to worship you, and you only as your word calls us to do. Amen.

In a few moments time, although in our own homes, we’ll be joining together as God’s people, to remember, in a simple act of sharing bread and wine, in remembering Christs body, broken for us. His blood poured out, for the forgiveness of sin. But before that, we’re going to sing again.

Words for next hymn: scroll down to start music on youtube and scroll back up to words to sing along.

We come as guests invited

When Jesus bids us dine,

His friends on earth united to share the bread and wine;

the bread of life is broken, the wine is freely poured for us,

in solemn token of Christ our dying Lord.

We eat and drink receiving from Christ the grace we need,

And in our hearts believing on Him by faith we feed;

with wonder and thanksgiving for love that knows no end,

we find in Jesus living our ever-present friend.

One bread is ours for sharing, one single fruitful vine,

Our fellowship declaring renewed in bread and wine-

renewed, sustained and given by token, sign and word,

the pledge and seal of heaven, The love of Christ our Lord.

We come as guests invited

We come now to share in the body and blood of our saviour, the Lord Jesus Christ.

Hymn. Jesus Christ I think upon your sacrifice:

Let’s come before the Lord in prayer.

Father on this Sunday evening in May we ask that you would come especially near to us by your Spirit. Fill us afresh with the wonder of knowing you the creator God. Fill us with awe tonight at the many wonders of your creation that speak of your unconditional love for us.


Father, help us we pray during this time when we can’t meet up with family and friends, to use this opportunity to draw nearer to you. Open our eyes to your word. our hearts to you in prayer, and our very lives as an expression of our worship of you. Amen.

Lord; please will you guide the government and grant them your wisdom. All too often Lord, we’re ready to criticise their decisions, when in truth, we have no answers ourselves. We pray at this time, that self- interest party politics may be laid aside in this collective fight to defeat the Coronavirus. Amen.

Lord; help us to be mindful of other peoples and nations where this Pandemic has taken hold. Places that don’t have adequate hospitals, where sterile conditions can’t be achieved.

Lord; comfort those who are not just locked down by a virus, but are locked down in refugee camps, in overcrowded conditions. Help all who are working tirelessly to help sustain life, under such difficult situations. Amen.

As we come to God’s word tonight, please turn to Matthews gospel. Ch 5, and verses 13-17.

Now either via Youtube/ or the accompanying notes, let’s look at God’s word together. Father help us tonight as we listen to the message you laid on Merv’s heart, and by your spirits power, draw us to be both Salt and light for you. Amen.

Talk from Matthew 5. Merv

Hymn. Light has dawned.

Father; we thank you for our time together tonight, although apart from one another, we thank you for being present with us during this time.

We pray that you will keep each one of us safe from this virus, and that you would watch over, and protect our loved ones. In your name we pray. Amen.


Do please let us know how you’re getting on. If your finding accessing the services on line, difficult or easy.

Also; if you have any specific prayer requests you would like included on the service sheet. Thank you.

Closing prayer. Lighten our darkness Lord we pray, and guard us from all perils and dangers of the night, for the sake of your Son. Jesus Christ.


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