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Guide me O thou great Redeemer

This is my Desire

Let's pray

Father we come before you today having sung two great hymns of praise. Father this evening we offer ourselves afresh to you, and may we claim those words of Reuben Morgan’s as our own. Lord, we give you our hearts and our souls, and live for you alone. Lord. Come and have your way with us we pray, in the name of our great Lord and saviour, Jesus. Amen.

Father, as we continue to meet in the familiar surroundings of our homes, may that not lessen in any way our desire to be disciplined in coming before you in worship. May the Holy Spirit be present within us at all times, guiding us in our reading of your word, in our prayers, and in our thoughts and conversations. Amen.

Lord, as we hear of the fresh outbreak in China of Covid 19, we pray that the early interventions that have been put in place will ensure the virus isn’t able to spread to other regions of China, and wider, to other countries. Lord, please help each one of us to remain vigilant in keeping to the guidance, that, so far is bringing down the new cases of the coronavirus in this country. Amen.

We pray for Brazil, where many have died as a result of the pandemic, and we ask that their president would begin to take more seriously the threat of many more lives being lost if he doesn’t take a more robust attitude to social distancing. We pray for the many thousands who live in the poverty of the favelas. We pray that you would protect from this virus the more vulnerable in society all around the world. And we pray for the various nation’s economies as they count the cost of Covid 19. Amen.

Lord, as we look later at your word, at a story that’s probably been familiar to us from childhood, help us to see your Almighty hand in bringing down a stronghold like Jericho, that posed a threat to your people.

Father, we ask tonight that you will bring down all the strongholds that threaten our relationship with you.

So Father, please help us tonight to rejoice that through your Son, the Lord Jesus Christ you have gained the victory over sin and death. And as we share together later in Holy Communion, may we remember the great cost that was involved in the victory being won. May we be forever thankful to you for Jesus, that through His sacrifice, made for us on the cross, you now count each one of us righteous. Amen.

In a moment or two we’re going to share together in Christ’s body broken for us, and His blood shed that we might know forgiveness of sin, and peace with the Father.

Behold the Lamb

Prayer and communion

Talk Joshua 6 Merv

All to Jesus

Father. Thank you for being with us tonight and thank you for your word. We pray for the week ahead that we may continue to worship you from our hearts, and in our lives proclaim you Lord and King. Father go before us all, and watch over us we pray. In Your great name we pray. Amen.

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