Hello Friday Net and young people of Lister Hill! 

We have created a page where we can share youth videos from myself and Ben Jones from Missional Generation; some bits to make you think, and some which are fun. We are hoping to update them once a week. Please let me know through the email address what you think and whether you have ideas about what we can do on here. Hopefully in later weeks, the other leaders may also upload videos. 

Good Friday - Ben Jones


Once you have watched Ben's video, you might like to try the following...

1. Make a poster board photos or names of your significant friendships

2. Set aside time this week to connect with some of them over social media, or a phone call, or sending them a text message, or a video call.

3. When you contact them, find out more about them. Ask specific likes or dislikes; some fun, some deeper (red or brown sauce on a bacon butty or what their favourite film is and why.)

4. Ask them if they are struggling with anything and share what you are struggling with (you never know it may be the same).

5. Pray with them or for them afterwards.

The challenge after watching Alexis is to find a creative way to share the verse from Matthew 28:6

Let us know how you get on, especially if you manage to connect with others within Friday Net or Church.

Easter Sunday reflection with Alexis


Please feel free to give us feedback on what you have enjoyed or ideas via

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