Our opening song

Opening Prayer

Heavenly Father, this morning—and all of history—is about you.

Please help me worship you with an undistracted heart.

You know how my mind wanders to my upcoming week, present worries, and thoughts of others and other things.

Help me put those thoughts away and focus on you and your glory.

Would your Spirit cause my heart, soul, mind, and strength to exalt your Holy Name in my singing, listening to Your Word, and interacting with your people.


Our next song

Talk to the TJC from Martyn

Family Activity

Take a piece of paper & pencil and then go outside to look at the world that God has created.

Write or draw a prayer to God in response to the wonderful world that He has created.

Share the results with the Church WhatsApp group as we love to see what you have been doing.

Family Song

Joshua 5 (Listen)

The New Generation Circumcised

5:1 As soon as all the kings of the Amorites who were beyond the Jordan to the west, and all the kings of the Canaanites who were by the sea, heard that the LORD had dried up the waters of the Jordan for the people of Israel until they had crossed over, their hearts melted and there was no longer any spirit in them because of the people of Israel.

At that time the LORD said to Joshua, “Make flint knives and circumcise the sons of Israel a second time.” So Joshua made flint knives and circumcised the sons of Israel at Gibeath-haaraloth. And this is the reason why Joshua circumcised them: all the males of the people who came out of Egypt, all the men of war, had died in the wilderness on the way after they had come out of Egypt. Though all the people who came out had been circumcised, yet all the people who were born on the way in the wilderness after they had come out of Egypt had not been circumcised. For the people of Israel walked forty years in the wilderness, until all the nation, the men of war who came out of Egypt, perished, because they did not obey the voice of the LORD; the LORD swore to them that he would not let them see the land that the LORD had sworn to their fathers to give to us, a land flowing with milk and honey. So it was their children, whom he raised up in their place, that Joshua circumcised. For they were uncircumcised, because they had not been circumcised on the way.

When the circumcising of the whole nation was finished, they remained in their places in the camp until they were healed. And the LORD said to Joshua, “Today I have rolled away the reproach of Egypt from you.” And so the name of that place is called Gilgal to this day.

First Passover in Canaan

10 While the people of Israel were encamped at Gilgal, they kept the Passover on the fourteenth day of the month in the evening on the plains of Jericho. 11 And the day after the Passover, on that very day, they ate of the produce of the land, unleavened cakes and parched grain. 12 And the manna ceased the day after they ate of the produce of the land. And there was no longer manna for the people of Israel, but they ate of the fruit of the land of Canaan that year.

The Commander of the Lord’s Army

13 When Joshua was by Jericho, he lifted up his eyes and looked, and behold, a man was standing before him with his drawn sword in his hand. And Joshua went to him and said to him, “Are you for us, or for our adversaries?” 14 And he said, “No; but I am the commander of the army of the LORD. Now I have come.” And Joshua fell on his face to the earth and worshiped and said to him, “What does my lord say to his servant?” 15 And the commander of the LORD’s army said to Joshua, “Take off your sandals from your feet, for the place where you are standing is holy.” And Joshua did so.


Let's sing once more

Why not spend some time in prayer

Pray for the Oversight as we finalise arrangements to re-open the church for service.

Pray for the Government as they seek to manage easing of lockdown.

Pray that people will be thoughtful of others as they take advantage of the easing of lockdown.

Pray for those who have lost friends and family during this lockdown period.

Give thanks to God for all His mercies and blessings.

Give thanks for God for sending His Son to die on the cross for each one of us that we might believe on Him and have everlasting life.

Give thanks that God forgives our sins and remembers them no more.  Pray that God will help us do the same to those we need to forgive.

One more song before we listen to the talk.

Our closing song

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