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"Jesus Christ is Lord" - let's celebrate that in our first song.  

The video shows some young people outside a church called "Church of Southland".  With a quick internet search, I think they are in California.  

There are some dance moves & actions that you might like to join in.  Whether you choose to join in or not (most of us will never know) rejoice in what Jesus has done for you.

Lord, I lift your name on high

Barry Osborne - "Weather Vane"

Activity - "Making a person"

If you would like to do this activity, this is when you need your paper or modelling clay.  I found some Plasticine and it included a little leaflet.  The leaflet described how to make a person as you will see below.

The following picture shows the little character that I made.

Breathing Life into your creation

If you have made a person, now breathe life into it so that it becomes a living being.

Breathe harder!

Keep trying!

Of course, it isn't possible.  But breathing life into His creation, was very possible for God.  

The following clip is a (quite annoying, but maybe useful) way of remembering a verse from the Bible.

Barry is going to refer to this verse in part 2 of his talk.

Memory Verse

Barry Osborne - Part 2

Breathe in His loving Spirit

God wants to breathe his Spirit into our lives. 

Our next song invites Him to change our lives.  It was written more than 200 years ago by Charles Wesley.  Some phrases might need us to think about what they really mean. 

But some things never change:

  • the love that Jesus has for us
  • His death that frees us from sin
  • His desire to enter into our lives by His Spirit

Love divine all loves excelling


During lock-down I have been reading a book that I have had for a long time, but have never read right through:

On the opening page, Ole Hallesby writes: "Prayer is the breath of the soul, the organ by which we receive (Jesus) Christ into our parched and withered hearts."  

He reminds us that Jesus knocks at the "door of our hearts".  He is ready to come in, but we must invite Him.  All He needs is access. 

"To pray is nothing more than to let Jesus into our needs."  It is up to Him how He will answer, but we can be sure of 3 things:

  • He loves us better than anyone else 
  • He is perfect in all He does
  • He has the power to do anything.

Let's pray

Our Father

We praise you because you created the whole universe.

We praise you because you breathed life into every person.

We thank you that Jesus came into the world as a person and died on the cross for us.

We thank you that Jesus is now in heaven and wants to be part of our lives by the Holy Spirit.

As we ask you to enter into our hearts we know it is like breathing you in.

We do not always know how to pray, but thank you that your people can bring their needs to you and you will answer.

We bring to you the needs of our world, our country, our loved ones and ourselves.

We trust you to answer in the way you think is best.

We pray in the name of Jesus and want to give You all the glory.


A song as a prayer

Our final song was written in the last 20 years by Stuart Townend and Keith Getty.  

The Lord, by His Holy Spirit, can help us at every moment of every day.  He can help us in our attitudes, words and actions.  

As you listen or sing, think about the wonderful attributes of God's character -  his love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control.

These are attributes shared by the Father, Jesus His son and the Holy Spirit. 

These are qualities we need today and this week.  We need them in our homes with our families, in shops or at work.  We need them in our conversations, our phone calls and the messages we send.

Breath of God

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