Sunday 24th May, 2020

Welcome to our Sunday morning service.

If you click on the link below, it will take you to the main service with an introduction, a cartoon retelling Jonah chapters 1 & 2 from the Bible, the Bible reading of the actual words in the Bible, an interview with our guest speaker, some songs to sing, some prayers and a little bit more. 

Below the first video, is a second short film with a craft activity you can try at home. You can stop the service at any point to do this, or make it at a different time. The resource sheet for this activity is also attached below but we can provide one if you would like or you can just draw your own.

The Main Service

The All Age Craft Activity

Click below to download the activity sheet:

Instructions for the Craft Activity:

You will need:

The All Age Activity sheet, colouring pens or pencils, scissors, sellotape or glue, 2 pegs with a spring (the film used wooden pegs).

1. Colour in Jonah and the Big Fish.

2. Cut out Jonah and the Big Fish.

3. Cut the Big Fish in half lengthways, along the printed line.

4. Use sellotape or glue to stick one half of the fish to one section of the peg. Stick the other half of the fish to the second section of the same peg. Make sure the mouth of the fish is at the end that opens when you squeeze the peg.

5. Use sellotape or glue to attach Jonah to the end of the second peg.

6. Wait for the glue to dry if you used glue!

7. Now you are ready for some action! Squeeze the peg to open the fish's mouth and now it can swallow Jonah. Don't forget to spit him out again 3 days later!

Why not get a bit more creative later? You could even make a boat for Jonah and some of the sailors. If you are able, you could make your own little video of the story or just act it out yourself! 

Enjoy crafting!

The Service in Text Format

If you would like to see the readings, a shorter version of the interview and a text version of the message, download the link below:

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