Welcome to our Service!

It's great that you're here.

This month marks 65 years of Goodwood Evangelical Church. We'll be reflecting on that later on. I thought given it's our birthday it would be good to involve different members of our church family in choosing the songs. They'll be introducing them as we go along. 

Min has chosen our opening song: Amazing Grace

Amazing Grace

Here's a little thought to get us started

It's always good to hear from our church family. I had a chat with Steve this week to see how he became part of the family at Goodwood.

Anthony will now lead our prayers

Becca is going to read Psalm 65

Stephen Frew has chosen our next song today, and I'll hand you over to him to tell you why!

Here's Stephen's message this week

Hazel is going to introduce our final song: There is a hope

There is a hope

And finally...

Thanks to Stephen F, Min and Hazel for the songs, Becca for the reading, Steve for the interview, Anthony for the prayer and Emily for the cover photo. If you would like to talk to someone about anything you have read or heard, please contact Stephen Taylor on 07902 946004 or through our website -https://goodwoodevangelicalchurch.org.uk/

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