Song: Bless the Lord O my soul (written by M Redman)

Bible Reading: Isaiah 12 v 1-6 (read by Gillian)

Song: To God be the glory, great things he hath done (written by F Crosby)

Song: Everyone needs compassion (written by R Morgan & B Fielding)

Prayer - perhaps you could include specific situations or people as you pray


We praise You Lord!

·   We thank you that because Jesus died for us, you are no longer angry with us. Instead you comfort us.

·  We thank you for being our Saviour and that we can trust and not be afraid.

·  We thank you that you give us strength and joy even when we feel weak and sad.

We call on you to:

·  Help us to think about the great things you have done and sing to you.  

·  Help us to tell others what you have done and how great you are.

·  Help us to pray faithfully for others in their difficult situations.

In all things, we pray that you may receive the glory.


Sermon (Stephen Taylor)


Song: Give thanks with a grateful heart (written by D Moen)

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