Song - How great is our God (Chris Tomlin, Jesse Reeves and Ed Cash)

Daniel chapter 2 v 1-23

Daniel chapter 2 v 24-48

This next song is in our church songbook, but I do not ever remember singing it.  As you see the words, you will realise that there is a very close link to Daniel chapter 2.  The song also includes how God revealed his Son to us - the greatest mystery.

Song - Surely our God is the God is the gods (written by D L Morris)

Jesus, the Son of God, the one above all powers, all thrones and all the wisdom of man, who took the blame (the fall) for us.  Let's worship him with our next song.

Song - Above all powers (written by P Baloche)


Thank you to Matthew Fox-Lilley for sharing God's word with us.

Sermon - Matthew Fox-Lilley

Song: Crown Him with many crowns

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