Welcome to Evening Service

The Church's one foundation

Let's continue to worship tonight by singing our next two songs, starting with Only by Grace

The splendour of the King


Talk on Joshua 10 v 16-27

Lord for the years

Please do pray for Eileen North who has returned home after a few days in PRH as she was suffering from the effects of an infection.  Pray that the antibiotics will continue to help her recovery. Also please pray for Jill O'Mant who is also on antibiotics for a gum infection.

Father, thank you for being with us today as we’ve come before you in worship and word.

We pray for the challenges we’ve received today from your word, and ask that we won’t dismiss them from our hearts. But come before you in humility and repentance, knowing that our sinfulness is offensive to you. Thank you for Jesus. For the Cross, and for your amazing love for us.


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