Welcome to Goodwood Evangelical Church

Join in with our first hymn, which was written by Charles Wesley 'And Can It Be', to celebrate his conversion to Christianity. To give thanks to God's for His amazing love, mercy and grace to him and to us all.

Hymn: And Can It Be

Lets Give Thanks

Our loving heavenly Father, we come to you with grateful thanks for all your goodness, mercy and grace toward us. For all you provide for us each day and all your help in our lives. We give you thanks that you sent your Son the Lord Jesus to be our Saviour, and through Him you have restored us into your family. We give you thanks and praise in Jesus name.

All Age Activity

Song: It’s a Light and a Hammer

Our next hymn is 'I stand Amazed'. This particular recording was taken at the BBC's Songs of Praise 50th anniversary service.  In his hymn of praise the writer celebrates how wonderful and marvelous is Gods love and what he has done for us in the Lord Jesus.

Hymn: I Stand Amazed

Our reading today is taken from Mark 6:45-52 and is read by Jane & Tiffany

Reading: Mark 6:45-52 - Jane & Tiffany

Lets Pray

We come to your throne of grace as we seek your help and blessing. We pray for the many areas of the world were there is hunger, disease, conflict and wars. Be with the Christians in those areas to be able to assist wherever they can. We continue to pray as regards the current corona virus. Help those who continue to work with those who suffer because of this. Give wisdom to those who are trying to find a cure. Through it all draw people to yourself through these times and teach us all to learn from this experience. We also pray for the fellowship at Goodwood, and ask you meet all the needs we pray. As we seek again to meet again in  the church, we ask for your guidance and protection. In Jesus Name  Amen.

In our next hymn the writer reminds us that the Lord Jesus will hold us fast even through the storms of life. He is there for us.

Song: He will hold me fast

It's great to have Brandon Nelson with us today, and he will now bring us God's message

Lets now join in our next song the 'The Lord is my Salvation'. The writer gives praise and thanks for the grace of God for saving us from the raging sea of life and bringing us on to His solid ground.

Song: The Lord is my salvation

Finally lets listen to a recent virtual recording of 'I Have Decided to Follow Jesus', produced by 'Echoes International' of Christian believers around the world giving thanks in song that they are following the Lord Jesus. Our prayer is that it may be true for you.

Song: I have decided to follow Jesus


We will continue putting the church service online as well, for those who are not able to attend.

We would like to give thanks to Brandon Nelson for for bringing the message to us. Also Jane & Tiffany for the reading and Christ Church in Liverpool for the children’s song. If you would like to talk to someone about anything you have read or heard today please contact Stephen Taylor on 07902 946004 or through our website -https://goodwoodevangelicalchurch.org.uk/

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