In these days hope feels hard to come by, but that’s what the Christian faith offers. Whether you do or don’t believe, come and hear the hope Jesus offers and ask your questions.

The evening will involve a short talk, an interview with a Christian and the hope they found in the midst of suffering, and an opportunity to ask your questions.

You can watch on YouTube or join in on Zoom. It would be a great help if you could register your interest so we can know who is joining.

Ask your question...

We want this event to be as interactive as possible and deal with the questions you're asking, so please submit your questions, beforehand and during the evening, using the box below.

Life Course - 7.30pm Tuesday 28th April, 5th & 12th May

Life What’s it all about? Is there more to it than just getting by or getting on? Making the most of it?

Deep down we know there is, so we spend our lives searching for a sense of identity, purpose and love. Jesus claims he is the one who can give us these things and make sense of life.

Will you give three evenings to discover the claims of Jesus and, perhaps, discover real life?

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