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Sing, with thankfulness in your hearts to God!

Responding to what God has said to us

1. Re-Read James 4:8-10

In the light of what I’ve just heard how do I need to humble myself?

What can I be encouraged by when I’m realising (again!) that I’ve sinned?

2. Re-Read James 1:5-8 and 3:14-18

What would it look like for me at the moment to not be jealous of other people's lives and situations ?

And what about being more selfless and less selfish? (at home, in the family, in my street, with our church family)

Revisit #1!
And then … Ask God for His help inside to change your desires, motives, thoughts, words and actions. 

3. Re-Read James 1:2-4.

Take a moment to rejoice in the Lord in the trials He has currently given me to handle and to rejoice in His purposes for me through them.

Talking to God for the sake of others

Let’s take what we’ve heard from God’s word and pray more widely for Christians facing all kinds of trials at the moment:

  1. Suffering Church around the world
    Millions of our brothers and sisters in Africa, Asia and the Middle East are enduring severe food shortages; many face the possibility of death by starvation. For some it is locust swarms. For others it is Covid-19 lockdown. In parts of East Africa and Pakistan it is both disasters simultaneously.
    The unprecedented global crisis is placing many vulnerable, already persecuted and marginalised Christians under even greater threat of hunger.
  2. Suffering Christians we know around the country
    Maybe it’s suffering due to physical or mental illness, maybe it’s grief, maybe it’s because of opposition to their being Christians, maybe it’s hardship because of the present situation of COVID-19 …
  3. Those in or connected to the church family in need
  • Those grieving, and there are many of us, but especially Gill Smith and family as they grieve Janet’s death. 
  • Those ill: especially Donna, Sylvia A
  • Those caring for ill relatives
  • The Hardways - for a safe arrival
  • Those navigating work in difficult situations or facing loss of work.
  • Those who are lonely.

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