Does anyone have any Lego? If you like Lego, you’ll love this video. I think it’s great. But what’s going on? Let’s watch it and then we’ll have a think

Something to think about!

Here's a couple of songs to reinforce our building!

We all face storms in our lives. This song is a reflection based on Psalm 42 which encourages us to cry out to God when we're experiencing those storms

Now over to you!

Paper Bag House

  1. Take the paper bag and place the tissue paper inside
  2. Fold the cardboard in half and stick on the top of the house with the glue.
  3. Use the Paper and cut out windows and doors. Stick these on to your house.
  4. For further instruction and ideas follow the link below

Shortbread House

You have heard of a gingerbread house. Here is a shortbread house. It is more fragile than a gingerbread house and trickier to assemble. Will your house stand up or fall? If you are a child, ask a grown up to supervise you.


250g marg

100g Caster sugar

350 g Plain flour

1.Cream the butter and sugar together 2. Gradually at the flour. 3. Bind together until a dough is formed. 4. Refrigerate for 30mins. 5. Roll out to about a 1cm thickness. Use the templates to cut out the different parts of the house. 6, Place the shapes on a greased baking tray and bake at gas mark 2/ 150 C for 15mins or until golden brown. 7. When cool, trim the shapes so they have a clean edge then assemble the house. Use the icing to stick the parts together. 8.Decorate with icing and sweets.

And finally...

We hope you've enjoyed this little taster of Messy Church. We'll continue to be online until we're back in the building, so either way we'll still come together once a month!

In the meantime we have our church You Tube channel, and on our website you'll find all our services. 

Our next Messy Church will be on March 7th.

God bless you and stay safe.

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