Alexis introduces this weeks Bible Hero

Ben talks about Nehemiah a man of prayer

Challenge 1

Ben talks about Nehemiah seeking God in prayer to rebuild relationships and seek reconciliation. 

In the quiet ask God to place on your heart somebody who is struggling with relationships, this may be a family member or a friend, adult or child.

When you know who you are praying for, ask God how to pray for their relationships with others to be restored, and how reconciliation can be achieved. 

If you need some of your relationships to be restored, ask God to place on your heart ways of doing this and the boldness to do it - join with another person who you trust to stand with you in prayer if you can do.

Alexis talks about Nehemiah's persistence in ignoring the lies and building the walls

Challenge 2

Think about your response to ridicule or when you have laughed at somebody else. Is there somebody you need to forgive, or is there something you need to ask forgiveness for?

A good way to forgive another person is to say it aloud, saying their name, what they did, and how it made you feel, but then blessing them in Jesus name. You then let Jesus deal with what they did wrong.

If you need to ask forgiveness for something you have done, you might need to make it right with the person you wronged as well as saying sorry to God and asking for His forgiveness. The best bit is, God will forgive you, whatever you have done wrong.

Challenge 3

Think about something that you actually find hard, that you need to be persistent in and ask God to help you. That might involve ignoring lies in your head, it might be having a better routine or it might be not eating the wrong types of food. Normally it takes 40 days to break a habit, but with persistence you can do it. 

Write down in your journal what you need help from God with to overcome with persistence - write it down as a prayer if it helps and pray it every morning for 40 days. Then you will see God at work within you, helping you to overcome your difficulties.

Challenge 4 - how strong is your wall?

See what you can find around the house or in the garden to make a wall out of then see how secure it is to attack (make sure nothing valuable gets broken) You could throw tennis balls at your "wall" or use another missile. Think about what your wall needs to be built of to remain strong and how you would strengthen it. Send pictures in to the friday net email of your "wall" if you would like.

Consider what your faith needs to be built from in order to remain strong when it is under attack and how you can strengthen your faith. 

Lets start rebuilding God's kingdom here

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