Welcome to our Service!

Welcome to our Sunday morning service! I pray that the songs, the prayer, the reading and the message that follows, will be of strength and inspiration for you, as we focus on the risen Lord Jesus today

Let's worship the Lord together

Let's pray

Thank You, Lord, for amazing truth. Thank You that this same Jesus, who came to this earth; lived and died and rose again; who ascended into heaven; has promised to be with His people through the journey of their lives.

This morning, Lord, we lift Your Name on high. If we are your people this morning we can say that we’re so glad You’re in our lives. We’re so glad You came to save us. Thank You, Lord, that we can worship You today wherever we are; and that although we apart from one another we are never alone when we have You.

And whether our day is busy or empty, help us to make the most of this opportunity to worship, listen and learn now at this time, for our good and for Your glory.

In Jesus' Name,


Here's a litte cartoon of a great story: the true events of the first Easter

Our reading today is taken from John chapter 20, and it's read by Simon Brown, our speaker

A Prayer from Min

Father God, I pray for a world of no hate, where everyone is equal like brothers and sisters; where hatred is replaced by kindness, where ignorance is replaced by wisdom, where violence gives way to peace.


Just before Simon speaks, let's reflect on the events of that first Easter: Oh, to see the dawn

It's good to have Simon as part of our service today and he'll now bring God's Word to us

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