Here's the first part of the service led by Stephen with a bit of help from family

Praise & Prayer


  • For Jo’s scan results showing all signs of cancer have gone. Pray for Jo, Will and the family as Jo faces further treatment.
  • For the unique opportunities in the current situation through online evangelism and church services
  • For God’s protection through a difficult time.


  • For Made for More (formerly SYM) as discussions are being held (including with schools) how it can best work with schools from September onwards - in what is likely to be a very different school context to that pre-COVID.
  • For safety of Playgroup staff, children and families.
  • For wisdom as consideration is given by the leadership team on how physical church services can commence again, safely and within the guidelines issued by the government.
  • For Fiona’s family as they face various health issues.
  • For wisdom for the UK government as they balance the risk of Covid-19 spreading with the needs of protecting all citizens and the economy.
  • For all those working in the health service, including members of our own fellowship. Pray that there will not be a second spike, causing a rise in demand.
  • For our Elders, the Leadership Team and the Pastoral Care Team who are continuing to stay in touch with and support church members.
  • For the development of an effective and safe Covid-19 vaccination.
  • For each member of the church, that we continue to support one another, family members and neighbours.
  • For those in our fellowship in Care Homes – Ethel, Anna, June (Penny’s Mum) Carole S, Lyndy. May they know protection and God’s presence giving them hope.
  • For those amongst us who face the possibility of redundancy or who are concerned about future job prospects, and those who have decisions to make about what will happen with their business and their staff.
  • For those preparing our Sunday services.
  • For the Chelmsford Foodbank and for Chess, that they might operate effectively & safely during this time of great need in the local community.

Part 2 of the service including Communion and today's message from SImon Medcroft

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