Good morning and welcome to you all on this second Sunday in May, as we meed to worship the Lord.  You will notice that today our preacher in Rev'd Peter Morgan.  It's great to have you back Peter, and thank you for sharing God's word with us today.

Let's Pray: Loving Father, you know we would much rather be together in the Church this morning to worship you, but we're reminded that we can worship you wherever we are, as the sort of worshippers you want are those who worship you in Spirit and in truth.  Please be with us all today as we bring our praises to you.  Amen.

Hymn Blessed Assurance Jesus in Mine


Notice verses 2 & 3 begin with "Perfect Submission." Our lives before the Lord, need to be lives that have surrendered all before the Lord, have submitted ourselves completely to His will.

Let's take a moment in quiet prayer and reflection, as we ask God to help us yield our lives to Him today.

Read Psalm 42. It may be with social isolation about to enter a seventh week, that many are feeling downcast.  Unable to go and worship in their churches, and meeting with other believers.  The Psalmist say's V1 "that he thirst's after God, when can I go and meet with God?"  Clearly, something has prevented him from going to the temple to worship God.  V5 "Why are you downcast O my soul? Why so disturbed within me?  Are probably sentiments we've experienced recently.  But then comes the great encouragement for us all today, believers, and non-believers who see no hope. "Put you hope in God." We may not be able to meet together, but we can still praise Him, our saviour and our God.

As the deer pants

Faithful One


Let’s begin this morning by saying the prayer Jesus taught us to pray.

Our Father….

With the rather grim news that the UK has had more fatalities to Covid 19 than any other European country we pray today for the families and friends of those who have lost their lives. We ask Father that you will comfort all who are mourning a loved one today. Amen.

We pray for our world today, and think of the links we have with other countries through our Mission Partners. We pray for the work of Leprosy Mission as they seek to bring healing and training for those who are suffering an illness that we know is still to be eradicated. We pray for MAF, that although severely restricted in their movements, that they may still be able to offer a vital service to the various medical staff they fly around. Father, be with all who are working to your greater glory overseas today. Strengthen them we pray, and allow them to be free of the Coronavirus, that they may continue to serve you in whatever way you’ve called them to serve. Amen.

(You may like to make your own personal prayers for family and friends.)

Father, we would pray for the care homes we at LEFC have an input with. We thank you that we were able to meet, via Zoom, with other members of the teams who take services into several care homes in the vicinity. We pray we can formulate a service plan that can easily be read by residents, even in homes where they’re required to stay in their rooms. Father grant us wisdom as to how we undertake this, and provide the people, and resources to produce a service plan. Amen.

Loving Lord, it’s so good that Peter feels well enough to bring your word to us today. We ask Lord, that you will continue to strengthen him, and by your Spirit’s power, inspire his mind as he prepares future messages for us. We would pray also for David, and for Ron, as they pray, study, and compile sermons that can be shared among us here at LEFC. Thank you Father for all who faithfully preach your word, that they may have the assurance that what is being said, is inspired by you, and that for all who hear the word proclaimed would turn to you in worship and praise. Amen.

As we turn to God's word now, please have 1 Thess 1 v 1-10 ready, and lets read those wonderful words of encouragement from the Apostle Paul, remembering that although written to the Thessalonian believers, Pauls words are for all believers today.

Talk Peter Morgan

We have a gospel to proclaim

As always Ali and I pray you have a good week, and manage to stay as well as you can. Do please pray, that although we can’t meet together, God will strengthen us as a fellowship, that we might come back in eager and ready to do His will in and around the Church. Please also remember Tot’s Club in your prayers. They’re continuing to meet on Friday’s via Facebook, and of course we would ask you to remember Friends unlimited.

Closing Prayer.

Father thank you for being with us today, and we thank you for your word to us through Peter. Lord, please bless the rest of this day, and the days to come. In your great name we pray. Amen.

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