Daniel Quiz

What do you actually know about Daniel from the Bible? (read chapters 1-7 of his book if you need to find out the answers - or see the last text on the page)

1. Which country did Daniel and his three friends get moved to when he got taken from Judah?

2. Which King forgot his dream and asked his sorcerers, magicians and astrologers to tell him the dream and interpret it for him?

3. Why did Daniels three friends get thrown into the furnace?

4. King Nebuchadnezzar had another dream about him being a huge tree full of abundant fruit that was cut down and its fruit scattered. How many years would it be before Nebuchadnezzar would be king again after he repented?

5. What did King Belshazzar see writing on the wall?

6. Why did the chief ministers want to get rid of Daniel?

7. Why did Daniel get thrown into the lion’s den?

8. What happened to those who had accused Daniel?

Daniel - Standing up for what is right

Rosa Parkes

Ben talks about Daniel


Spend a couple of minutes quietly and ask God, what burden He has placed on your heart that needs you to take a stand?

Rosa and Daniel both join with others, they don't do it on their own. Who can you get together to pray with? Ask God to show you who He has placed a similar burden with.

Ask God how can you change or influence the situation.

Then check it with somebody you trust and go do it! And don't be shy of letting others know why it is important to you.

Answers to the quiz

1. Babylon

2. Nebuchadnezzar

3. Because they did not worship the gold statue

4. Seven

5. The fingers of a human hand

6. Because they were jealous that the king intended to set him in charge of the whole kingdom

7. Because he prayed to God and not to King Darius

8. They were thrown to the lions with their wives and children and their bones were crushed.

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