Welcome to our Service!

On this Remembrance Sunday we give thanks for all those who have given their lives for us

Let's sing our opening song, 'Bless the Lord, O my soul'

Our second song tells us what the Lord has done for us: Jesus, you're all I need

Here's some recommended reading this lockdown

On this Remembrance Sunday this is a short film about Woodbine Willie, a chaplain in World War I

Margaret is leading our intercessory prayers this week

This is an uplifting song which focuses on the Lord Jesus, reminding us of last week's Bible passage and giving the context for today's.

Stephen will now bring today's sermon

Our final song speaks of all that believers in the Lord Jesus Christ have to look forward to: There is a hope

And finally...

Thanks to Julie for the reading and Margaret for the prayer. If you would like to talk to someone about anything you have read or heard today, please contact Stephen Taylor on 07902 946004 or through our website -https://goodwoodevangelicalchurch.org.uk/

Online services will continue through this second lockdown. As it stands, with Messy Church on December 6th at 4pm, the next Sunday morning service will be on December 13th at 11.15am. 

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