Welcome from Merv

Father I place into Your hands

Father God I wonder

Lets turn to god in Prayer.

Heavenly Father, may our faith always be rooted in your word, our understanding divinely informed, our affections Holy and heavenly, our motives simple and pure, and our hearts never wrong before you. Amen.

Ps 62. Truly my soul finds rest in God; my salvation comes from Him. Truly He is my rock and my salvation; He is my fortress, I will never be shaken.

Father today, many find themselves shaken by all that’s going on around them. The physical and mental effects of Covid 19. The perilous condition of the economy that’s threatening the lively-hoods of many people today. News this week of a fresh outbreak of the Coronavirus in China.

Father, we pray with the Psalmist, that those who turn to you will find rest for their souls, that you will become the rock on which they stand, and as they stand in You, may they become a fortress, that will never be shaken. Amen

Lord, we continue to pray for our government at this time. We pray against the negative and critical comments of many aimed at government ministers over the decisions they’re being forced to make at this time. We pray Lord, that you will reveal to their hearts the decisions they need to make that will help bring this virus under control, preventing another possible wave of the disease. Amen.

We pray this morning for our brothers and sister who attend All Saints and URC. We especially lift James Clarke to you as he and Christine wait to move from Lindfield to Bexhill. Father be with them both, and may they enjoy time together in retirement. We pray for Hugh and Stuart at All Saints, and for their families, and we lift Keith at URC and his family to you today Lord. Amen.

Father we pray for all who are not regular Church attenders today, but who, during this period of restricted movement and restricted socialising, have looked in on various Church services via the internet. Lord thank you that by your power and authority you have turned round what we, with our poor spiritual sight, could only see in the beginning as being a disaster for your Church. Lord, may those who are looking in regularly come to know you in a real and powerful way, and find salvation for their souls in you. Amen.

We pray with thanks for Peter and David who brought your word to us last week. Lord, please continue to fill both men with your Holy Spirit, and give to each, your word, that they may share it with us faithfully. Amen.

Let’s continue to worship God by reading Psalm 62. A Psalm I believe that’s very much for today. Where the Psalm speaks of David being under threat from an enemy. As Christians we know we’re constantly under threat from our enemy the devil who wants nothing more than to derail our faith. How much do we, like the Psalmist need to know where our hope comes from.

I will offer up my life

Reign in Me

Reading and Talk

O for a thousand tongues to sing

It was with sadness I learned this week that Audrey Caisley had passed away. For many years Audrey had served the Lord with OMF. She came to live in the Manse at LEFC some years ago, latterly moving to live with her daughter in the Welkin. Please pray for Jo and Rachel as they mourn the loss of their mum.

Father thank you for being present with us today in our worship of you. So may the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ, and the fellowship of the Holy Spirit, be with us now and forever more. Amen.

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