Beginning of service

Dear Lord Jesus, thank you for your love for me that took you to the cross to die for my sins: Thank you for sending your Spirit to guide me through life. I’m sorry that I leave you out of my life because of immaterial day to day busyness. I do pray that, with your Spirits help, I can put you first, and have the confidence to pray and share your truth because I know I belong to you. Amen.

Great is Thy faithfulness

Let's continue to offer our worship to the Lord tonight, through Dave Bilbrough's song. Let there be love.

Let’s pray. Father thank you for the bible, that as we study and meditate on your word regularly, and you reveal more and more of yourself to us, that we will grow into a greater likeness of you. Learning to put our trust in you, and depend on you for everything. Amen.

We pray that like the Psalmist in Psalm one, our delight will be in your word, and that as you come and live within our hearts by your spirit, that we will become more like you, and that our lives will produce that nine-fold fruit that marks us out as being spirit filled men and women. Amen.

Father, this past week many have spoken candidly and openly through the media about the struggle they have each day with mental health issues. For some, such is the reproach they feel to having such feelings, that they’ve considered taking extreme measures. Lord, we know that all illness, both physical and mental are symptoms of living as we do in a fallen, broken, sinful world. Father, please come among all who suffer from such issues as depression, addiction, as well as those who are anxious about many things today. Father please throw a net of protection over all those who consider ending their lives in preference to facing another day. Lord Jesus, in your great mercy, please hear our prayer today. Amen.

Father; as we enter another week of restricted movement and access to friends and family, may we take seriously the advice given by medical and scientific experts to follow their guidance. Father grant to each one of us your wisdom, to not put others at risk of contracting Covid 19, or ourselves for that matter, but to be patient, until such times we can resume fairly normal lives. Amen.

Father; again this week, many have displayed unkindness in what they’ve said to those in government, forgetting that our government is made up of ordinary men and women, like ourselves, who, like us, have never been in this situation before. Strengthen our government, and our Prime-minister Father, and help them to be open and transparent at this time, and we pray that they may seek your guidance at this time of great need. Amen.

Father; we think back to last Thursday being Ascension day, when we remember you returning to glory having accomplished the Fathers will. Lord, we know you told the disciples to stay in Jerusalem until the spirit came at Pentecost. May we, like the disciples spend time in prayer over the day’s leading up to Pentecost, giving thanks that as your people, the spirit of the risen Lord Jesus is in us. Amen.

Tonight we’re returning to a few verses from Joshua 5, as I was challenged this week in my preparation to look at what God said to Joshua v 9. “Today, I have rolled away the reproach of Egypt from you.” Turn to Joshua 5 v 1-9.

Father; we may have looked at these same verses this morning, but speak afresh into our hearts tonight by your spirit, and challenge us afresh. Amen.

Talk Joshua 5 v 1-9

Purify my heart (B Doerksen)

Majesty, (J W Hayford)

Closing prayer.

May the Lord bless you, and keep you; The Lord make His face to shine upon you and be gracious to you;

The Lord turn His face toward you and give you peace. Amen.

Our love to you all in the Lord, have a great week, and keep safe. A & M.

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