Welcome to our Online Sunday Service. Whether you are a regular attender at Goodwood Evangelical Church or whether you're visiting this site, you are equally welcome. I pray that the songs, the prayers, the reading and the message will be a great encouragement to you wherever and however you find yourself today.

This last week we thought about worship at our Zoom Prayer Meeting. A number of us expressed how the Lord’s creation is an inspiration to worship Him. Here’s one such example:

I see His design, workmanship and greatness in every created thing from flowers to trees to the sky, sun, moon and stars to the wonders of the oceans, rivers, mountains, valleys and all wildlife ... how Great is our God!

As we come before a holy God this morning, let’s worship Him in the knowledge that everything we’re about to see as this song unfolds has been put there by the Lord. Let everything that has breath praise the Lord!

Let's worship: Open the eyes of my heart, Lord

Song: The Splendour of the King

Here's today's action packed story!

Song: Be still

Lesley is now going to read for us from 2 Kings chapter 6 verses eight to twenty three

Let's pray

Thank You, Father, that we can always come to You

We pray for our world: for leaders that they would seek You as they try and make decisions regarding Covid-19 in their lands

May they be still and know that You are God

We pray for those who mourn the loss of loved ones, that You will comfort, strengthen and support them.

May they be still and know that You are God

We pray for our nation: for Boris Johnson and the Government, that they too would seek You first and foremost, and make decisions that honour You

May they be still and know that You are God

We pray for our city and those in surrounding areas: for the leaders and for the people. We pray for those businesses who are struggling to survive...for those who have lost their jobs...for those who are finding it hard to make ends meet

May they be still and know that You are God

We pray for our church: for Your church, Lord, at Goodwood. We thank You for our church family and the gift of one another. Help those who are struggling for whatever reason at the moment. For all of us,

May we be still and know that You are God. 

And we pray for ourselves. Help us to remember You in times of strength, to lean on You in our weakness, to praise You in our joy and to trust in You in our fear.

May we be still and know that You are God.


Thanks to Paul Mason for our message today

And now for our final song: God is love, let heaven adore Him

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