Welcome to our gathering this morning! We can't meet in person at the moment, but let's pray for a sense of togetherness and of unity in Christ as we join in live from 11.00am.

If you would normally be in Brannockstown in person and would like to say hello to everyone you can text or Whatsapp me on +353892585025 and I'll read out a short message during the service. Bear in mind that what I read out will also go out on YouTube as the service is broadcast. Please include your name in case I don't have your number.

Also, it would be great to hear from you, perhaps with a note of encouragement, or a question or comment, or feedback about the experience of joining from home, or a request for prayer. There's a form at the bottom of this page that will pass these on to the Brannockstown elders. It's one more little way to try to stay connected, so even if it's just a 'hello' it encourages us to know you were here.

With love in Christ,


A favourite hymn suggested by one of the church family

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