COVID-Secure Seating Plan Tool for Churches

Churches which are able to worship together in person have quickly had to adapt to COVID-secure ways of meeting. For lots of churches this means creating COVID-secure seating plans and working out how to fit their congregations safely into the spaces they have available. This task is made even more complex by the various COVID-secure requirements in different parts of the UK, and the various 'bubble' sizes which need to be accommodated within any seating plan.

I built the Attendance Management tool to solve this problem. In short, it allows church administrators to define their COVID-secure seating plans, take online bookings for services and send automated confirmation emails in advance of the service. Once a church has defined it's seating plan, it can be used repeatedly, saving loads of time and vastly reducing the time spent manually allocating seats.

One church administrator who had been juggling three Sunday services across 3 venues told me the system had reduced the amount of time spent managing this process from 10+ hours down to a few minutes.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Create My Seating Plan?

Choose from a range of standard room layouts, then taylor to your needs by blocking out whole rows or individual seats. Define seats per row, and number of rows as well as your COVID-secure spacing and our innovative system will do the rest!

Can I Include Multiple Rooms?

Yes! You can create any number of independent 'venues', each with a different seating plan. You can choose which venues are available for each service you create.

How Do People Book Seats?

Every service gets a unique URL. Share this with your church family via email or social media. You can allow people to book seats in their preferred venue, or not - depending on how you want to run things.

What Information Do You Collect?

We collect the name, email address and telephone number of the person making the booking along with the names of everyone they're booking seats for. A couple of weeks after the service we will delete all this personal information, in line with GDPR and Track and Trace guidelines.

How Are People Informed of Seat Allocation?

Before the date of your service you can click a button which will automatically send an email to everyone on your list confirming their seat numbers for that particular service. You can also print a copy of the booking data and download a CSV spreadsheet to help things run smoothly as people arrive.

What Does It Cost?

£12 per church, per month. Bargain!

How Does It Work?

Watch the Video

Watch the Video Below

More Information

Churches have had to quickly find ways of allocating seats for services in accordance with COVID guidelines as meeting physically has become possible again. Our user-friendly tool makes the whole process as simple as possible.

Please note, since recording this quick video, a few things have changed:

  • 'Bubbles' are no longer split between rows

These are some new features coming soon:

  • Cancellation links on confirmation emails so attendees can cancel their booking themselves DONE
  • Option for administrators to manually assign seats DONE
  • Optional 'waiting list' functionality for over-subscribed meetings
  • Automatically stop taking bookings if venues hit capacity

Want to request a feature? Contact me!

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